Speed Racer Windsurf Challenge

31 de julio de 2021

Los miembros de la Federacion de Windsurf fueron invitado a participar en la actividad “Speed Racer Windsurf Challenge” en la playa de Puntas Las Marias. En esta actividad participantes midieron su velocidad en windsurf, navigaron un curso y disfrutaron de carreras de slalom. La actividad fue muy divertida y emocionante!

AtletaCarrera 1Carrera 2Carrera 3
Jose Pla5:595:326:05
Ricardo Bonilla6:025:296:10
Luis Santiago6:408:15
Felix Bermudez7:056:47
Benjamin Medina10:54
Luigi Ramos14:1513:2212:15
Kaelyn Holmes15:3112:2512:22

Terminamos Wind Warriors 2021!

Un Día Memorable de Amistades y Deportes

Date: Sunday April 25, 2021

The Wind Warriors event was a success with 18 competitors sailing wind and waves on Puerto Ricos beautiful coastline. 50 participants arrived for the activity which include a live broadcasted tournament, and 9-action pack heats of sailors competing for first prize.


Wave Riding Competition

Nelson Perez1
Felix Bermudez2
Phillip Newmarch3
Charlie Rovira4
Luis Santiago5

Expression Session Freestyle Category

Manolo BurgosWINNER
Tony Parchikov
Kaelyn Holmes
Benjamin Medina

Scoring Guidelines:

Wind Warriors is a wave sailing competition. The attributes judges look for are partially based on wave selection. The size of the wave, turns in critical sections, angles of the turns, length of the ride, completion of tricks, and technical skills demonstrated are the criteria judges will use. They will also include the “wow” factor, so fans cheering can definitely influence the wow assessment of the judges!!

Your wave riding score is the average of your best 2 waves. This means judges will score each wave, and then we will select your 2 highest scores. These 2 scores will be averaged for your final score. In this competition we will also score jumps. Impressive jumps can earn up to 3 points additional. The maximum score possible in a heat is 23 (perfect score).

Jumps in windsurfing include the following moves:

Straight Jump .5 – 1 pts

Table Top .5 – 1.5 pts

Forward Loop 1 – 2 pts

Stalled Forward 1.5 – 3 pts

Cheeseroll Forward 1.5 – 3 pts

Back Loop: 2 – 3 pts

Push Loop 2 – 3 pts

In regards to scoring for jumps, judges will be evaluating based on the difficulty, height, execution, landing, and how clean and smooth it appeared. Competitors should keep in mind that while their is reward for demonstrating new moves, their is more emphasis on clean landings. Jumps are scored based on the level of execution difficulty of the move, and are only scored if their landed in a water start position, sail out of water, feet on board, and with quick and fast recovery. These are the criteria that judges will use for defining a “landed jump”.

Competitors should plan their strategy for the heat, and be creative! Good luck!

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”Butterfly Effect” takes place in Puerto Rico

The Butterfly Effect made it’s way to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico last July 7, 2019. Professional watersports enthusiasts, Tatianna Howard and Albir Agresar produced the event for local girls on the island.

The event was a great opportunity to introduce watersports such as paddleboarding, windsurfing, and kitesurfing to females interested in learning more about watersports. The event had a variety of fun activities throughout the day including a paddleboard tour down the Espiritu Santo River with marine biologist tour guides, a demonstration of E-Foil, afternoon windsurf classes, and a beach hula class at the St. Regis Pool & Beach.

“It was a great activity for girls to gain confidence on the water” said FWPR club director, Irene Kravitz who sponsored part of the event. ”I love giving girls the opportunity to experience nature through watersports, and I’m really grateful to have the BE crew in Puerto Rico to produce this event.

The Butterfly Effect was coordinated with Aquavento Watersports and special help from the Alma de Bahia Nature conservancy, both are based at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort.

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Wind Warriors Event a Success

   In October of 2018, the ”Federación de Windsurf” was reinstated, and we announced the ‘’Wind Warriors Tournament’’. The event caused a huge buzz in the community. People all over the island starting practicing. Banter about who would be named the best took over the social networks.

The event was held on April 6, 2019.  Powerful wind, and 5-7 foot waves made the wait worth-while. The event took place at Surfer’s Beach, PR.  16 competitors harnessed their adrenaline for 15 minute heats. The athletes ripped waves with jumps, forward loops, back loops, cheese rolls, takas, and massive aerials. Expert tacks, and big sprays made up the competition. It did not disappoint. 

After the first round of the tournament, the athletes were in close contention. An “expression-round’’ was permitted by the judges. Photographers snapped away. Spectators jumped with excitement. The judges watched for technical wave sailing. The semi-finals were equally exciting. Waves came in long rolling sets. Competitors were challenged to get 3 bottom turns for maximum scoring. 

In the final heat, four friends battled it out for first place. There were 8 heats in total. It was a day of great friends, and spectacular show of talent.  The FWPR is a non-profit sports club dedicated to friendship, travel, healthy outdoor lifestyles, and youth development in Puerto Rico. We promote friendship through sport.

Summertimes in Guanica, Puerto Rico

We celebrated endless summers for 4 consecutive years in Guanica, Puerto Rico. The club organized a watersports vacation in the south west part of the island. We traveled with 30-35 invitees to this perfect location with calm bay, outer island nature reserve, and beautiful reef. It offered the perfect learning conditions, and incredible memories.

The hotels have various docks. We would bring a jet ski, motor boats, optimist sail boat, sunfish, hobie cat, water skis, wake boards, kite boards, windsurf equipment, paddleboards, scuba equipment, snorkel gear, fishing equipment, and the legendary “Screamer”, an inflatable for tubing.

We then spend a week on the water. The mornings were usually for ski sessions. We have a great learning program where participants start with kneeboarding, and progress through double skis, wake-board, and slalom ski.

The afternoons we’re dedicated to windsurf, kitesurf, and sailing. Kids would learn how to rig the sails, and how to tack and jibe in the bay.

Each night, one of the families would host a big dinner, and invite the other parties. We play music, and spend long hours into the night star gazing.

The participants were occasionally dared to do a nighttime paddleboard. Sometimes the bay would glow with bioluminescence, and Gilligans Island was like a magical oasis.

Certified scuba divers would venture to the cliffs of La Pared. The scuba dive included a dip to 50 feet, and then swim off the cliff to a ledge that dropped more than 200 feet. The wall has a fascinating eco-system with curious fish and corals.

The last night we coordinate a farewell dinner at Bodega Andreau Sole. The highlight was live music and a fascinating selection of flavored liquers made in a local winery. The dinner was always a big hit.

For 4 years we invited participants to Guanica, many took the offer, some did not. Little did we know how special those memories would be.

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